Monday, December 2, 2013

Taking your Product Vision to the Next Step with Custom Foam Prototypes

Great ideas should never be stymied by the challenges of creating a prototype or the constraints of being able to custom design a product to meet your needs within a budget. We've created prototypes for a wide variety of products and industries with some of the most exacting specifications.

Why a Foam Prototype?

Cost Effective Foam Prototypes from Armstrong Brands
Basically, a prototype is a model created to test the design of an invention or product before you begin production or finalize blueprints. Although this seems rudimentary, our fabricated foam products deliver lightweight and cost-effective solutions whether you are in the beginning stages or meeting with venture capitalists. The foam prototypes of the actual product provide you the ability to hold a 3-D model in your hands and easily make minor adjustments. For larger items, foam is much easier to deal with than clay or wood and operation teams and investors benefit from seeing a live presentation piece.

We also can make foam prototypes of shipping or in-house transfer containers for extremely fragile material such as glass, bottles or electronics. It works much like a fabricated design to give us the ability to better customize the packing designs before we go through the steps of having an aluminum mold created.  Many clients have utilized our services to test several designs and run them through the paces in the assembly plant or warehouse. Often it becomes apparent quickly which forms provide the best protection or if a combination of ideas ends up working the best. The best solution will always provide the maximum protection with the minimum amount of labor.

Planning Ahead Creates Success

Our goal is to provide you a finished product that delivers high return on investment and performs exceptionally. We understand that your future business venture relies on our expertise.  Our professional design team is comprised of experts in modeling, creation and production of all foam products. By sitting down with our team in the pre-production phase our clients have saved time and money by working with our professional designers and evaluating the pros and cons of any design before any work is done. The added insights and exact details make the process efficient and successful.

Put Your Ideas in the Real World

Getting what is in your head onto paper is the first part of the process. Getting what is on paper produced into a real, live object is the second. Call us today at 1-800-725-6415 or contact us here, and let’s make your dream a reality.

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