Thursday, January 8, 2015

Expanded Polystyrene Foam – White is the new Green

All of our EPS foam products are #6 recyclable
As more and more purchases are going “digital” or “online,” the world of packaging and shipping becomes increasingly more important. Not only do you need to consider the shipping cost (usually determined by the weight), the time between purchase and arrival and the “safety” of the item when it is delivered, but you must also consider the impact the shipping/packaging material has on the environment. The fantastic cost savings of using foam packaging is complimented by the ability to recycle this material. The EPS industry realizes the importance of recyclability and has chosen to take sustainability as a top priority.

Tons of Recycled Foam

The EPS industry maintains a 15% recycle rate, which is greater than most all the plastics family packaging material. In 2013 alone, 127 million pounds of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam was recycled! What becomes of EPS when it is done cushioning your new purchase? Recycled EPS can be reconfigured into NEW foam cushioning, but can also be used in durable consumer goods like cameras and jewel cases for CDs!

Make a Positive Impact

These days, more and more people live in communities where #6 EPS foam recycling is offered. So let your customers know to look for the #6 recycling symbol when they are disposing of their packaging. However, for those consumers that live in smaller communities and may not have recycling centers nearby you can simply include a statement on your packing list about the mail-back recycling program from the Expanded Polystyrene Industry Alliance. Not only will this help the environment but show your customers you are diligently working to be a company that cares. Due to the light weight of EPS, the shipping fees run from about $1.50 to $9, and can be mailed through the US Postal Service. Because EPS is 98% air, this mail-back program is often an extremely economical way to remain environmentally friendly.

Recycling Foam Peanuts a Huge Win

The Loose Fill Reuse Program (packaging peanuts) is among the United State’s most successful packaging reuse programs. There are more than 1100 locations in the US, so it’s easy for most of us to find a collection center nearby. The location reuses the material for their own packing, so it’s a win-win-win. . .a win for you, a win for the collection location and a win for the environment. Reuse program locations report that 50% of their packaging peanuts needs are met by the donating consumers, and any business can become a Loose Fill Reuse Program Location by calling 1-800-828-2214.

EPS, in all its various forms, is LESS than a quarter of 1% of the landfills worldwide and less than 1% of municipal solid waste by weight and volume. What's more, because it is over 99.6% air and releases NO harmful gases and leaches NO chemicals into the earth if disposed, it is one of the few totally inert materials being used in shipping and packaging today. It is both water-resistant and can hygienically retain heat (thermal insulation), which means it can be used to ship food safely.

A Winning Packaging Choice

With protecting the environment on everyone’s mind; using, recycling and reusing EPS foam is among the safest and most cost effective way to ship/package your breakable items (safe both for your merchandise and your world). It is nice to know that your product can get from point A to point B on this earth and can be kind to each mile of Earth in between.  For more information call us at 1-800-725-6415 or contact us here.

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