Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fun and Creative Ways to Reuse Foam

Ordinarily this blog maintains a serious demeanor and highlights our ability to help businesses get a high return on investment, protect their merchandise, and provide solutions to packaging and logistics issues. We are proud of our high quality products and stand behind all we do 100 percent. Our last blog focused on the “green” aspect of EPS foam. While we are big proponents of recycling and reusing EPS foam products we were reminded by a few of our customers that not all communities have foam recycling facilities... yet. With that said, we now provide a few useful applications for your leftover packaging, coolers and foam peanuts.

Make Cool Stuff with your Kids

Turn off the video games and TV and start creating with your children. Mismatched packaging and large pieces can quickly become castles, spaceships, race cars or anything your child can imagine. You can create unique and personal picture frames, refrigerator magnets, or fun art. Use washable paint and turn a boring day into art.

Ice Cream Saver for the Trunk

If you have a slightly damaged cooler instead of throwing it away you can keep in the trunk for the trip home from the store. Summer is coming and it would be a shame for the ice cream to melt before you get to eat it. This also helps perishables and meats stay fresh if you have to stop somewhere.

Have a Pedicure Party

While foam peanuts are great packaging material they are also the perfect size when applying nail polish. Grab a bunch of friends or have a very cool child’s birthday party complete with pedicures.

Potted Plants Foam Trick

Break up thick pieces and use for potted plants, to help drainage and aeration. Much lighter than rocks and they help your plants. You can even break them into small pieces and add to your soil to help bring more air to your growing garden and help keep the soil from compacting too much.

Lollipop and Fondue Stands

Pieces of EPS foam can make a great base for a lollipop bouquets or prepared bamboo fondue sticks. This will keep food off the table and the floor and add some fun for your next party. Paint the foam with glow in the dark colors and have an alien fondue party.

Stage Props and Floats

Many people save used EPS foam for school play props and displays at events. It is easy to create large and lightweight pieces with hot glue and coping saws. Not only are foam walls safer, they can easily be reused. Foam blocks make great bricks, large boulders or trees. It is also great for parade floats due to its lightweight and waterproof characteristics.

Be Creative!

It’s unfortunate every community doesn’t have easy access to EPS foam recycling, but there are hundreds of great ways to reuse foam. So lobby your city council for recycling and then put on your creative thinking caps and find a way to make foam fun for your family.

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